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Nina (Anin) Utigaard


Founding Executive Co-Chair for the International Expressive Arts Therapy Association (IEATA) and faculty member with Natalie Rogers’ Person-Centered Expressive Therapy Institute. 

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Markus Scott-Alexander


Senior faculty member of the European Graduate School (1997 to 2020) and is currently the director of World Arts Organization. A leader in the field of phenomenological expressive arts education with a focus on intermodal, cross-cultural art-making, exploring how every individual can be included in the building of an ensemble.

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Kate Donohue


Co-founder of the EXA program at the San Francisco CIIS and the IEATA. One of the Grandmothers of Expressive Arts, Kate has taught at many international universities in Asia, Africa and Canada as well as the USA. Kate has an active Jungian oriented expressive arts therapy practice in Northern California and provides supervision and training internationally.

 Advisers & Overseas Faculty 


Program Coordinators


Map Tang


Program Advisor

Eve Wong



Jerica Leung M. Soc. Sc., MSW, REAT, RSW


Supervisors and Trainers


Chan Hiu-Wing Amber



Guest Trainer

Ms Amber Chan is a Registered Expressive Arts Therapist (REAT) under the International Expressive Arts Therapist Association. She was the former executive committee member of the Expressive Arts Therapy Association of Hong Kong (2021-2023). Amber holds the Master’s Degree in Expressive Arts Therapy with a Minor in Psychology at EGS and the Bachelor Degree in Fine Art at CUHK. 
Specialised in the Intermodal Decentering approach found by Dr. Paolo Knill and nurtured in an art-training background, she emphasized the therapeutic power by integration of different art modalities and the aesthetic quality of art process. Amber worked with children, parents, underprivileged women, caregivers, elderly and community-based expressive arts interventions; her work covered SEN, childhood traumatic experience, challenging family interaction, emotional disturbance and stress management.


Chan Wing-yan Vanice



Guest Trainer and Supervisor (2021- 2023)

Ms Vanice Chan completed the three-year training program in expressive arts therapy, the person-centered approach at the University of Hong Kong. She is currently the regional coordinator of IEATA and executive committee member of the Expressive Arts Therapy Association of Hong Kong. She is a registered social worker, certified senior addiction counsellor and registered expressive arts therapist. She is currently working as the Service Coordinator of the Life Enrichment Centre (LEC) of the St John’s Cathedral Church. Before, she had worked with multiple addiction families, schools, abused families, outreach youth and parents, mentally ill, etc.


Arvin Cheng


Expert Storyteller, DanceAbility Instructor, Author 

Guest Trainer

Arvin Cheng, certified DanceAbility®️ instructor, multidisciplinary storyteller, and author of the illustrated storybooks "Mischievous Food Crumbs" and "The Happy Secret of 51."

He previously served as a resident lighting designer for the Hong Kong Ballet, specializing in storytelling through light and shadow. To familiarize himself with symbolism and metaphor, he actively engaged in performance art creation and presented works at art festivals in Taipei, Nanjing, and Germany.

For many years, he has been exploring community arts and is the organizer of the inclusive dance troupe "Shadow Dancers" and the experimental theater group "Performing for Us." In addition to choreographing, directing, and performing in dance, theater, and storytelling, he has also directed the sand painting musical composition "Symphony of the World" and served as a director for four editions of the Macau Vocal Festival Opera Gala.


Fiona Chang


PhD, Certified Supervisor (ACA), REAT, RSW

Guest Trainer

Dr Fiona Chang is practicing person-centered expressive arts in a diverse setting for 30 years. She is the Vice-chairperson of “Art in Hospital”, the Founding President of the Expressive Arts Therapy Association of Hong Kong, a part-time lecturer at the social work departments of HKU and CUHK, an advisor of the "Art Therapy Without Borders" and the South Western College in Santa Fe. She was the former Executive Co-chair of IEATA.

Fiona received the HK International Cancer Congress Young Investigators’ Award, Outstanding Staff Award of Hospital Authority, Distinguished Social Work Alumni of HKU and the Shining Star Award of IEATA.


Brenda Choi

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Faculty Trainer (2021-2023)

Brenda Choi is a trainer, psychological counselor, registered expressive arts therapist and certified therapeutic harp practitioner in Hong Kong. Ms Choi is seasoned and passionate in using expressive arts in her clinical work for 20 years. She has very rich clinical experiences working with elders suffered from mental health problems, and with children and their families struggled with mood disorders and special needs. She provides training in the clinical use of creative arts and expressive arts in counseling.


Fung Wing-yan Winnie

Winnie profile pic.JPG

M. Soc. Sc. (Youth Counselling), REAT, RSW

Guest Trainer and Supervisor

Ms Winnie Fung is a Registered Expressive Arts Therapist with the International Expressive Arts Therapy Association and a Registered Social Worker. Winnie completed the three-year training program in Expressive Arts Therapy, the person-centered approach at The University of Hong Kong. She is now a freelance expressive arts therapist, mainly working with LGBTQs, ex-drug addicts, young mothers, adults with emotional disturbance, and youth at the margin, mental illness patients, cancer patients etc. She studied trauma related approaches like Somatic Experience, and provide training and service about Trauma and Expressive Arts Therapy in the recent years. 


Maria Gonzalez-Blue



Guest Trainer 

Maria Gonzalez-Blue is in private practice as a registered expressive arts therapist and registered expressive arts consultant/educator.  She is a founding member of the International Expressive Arts Therapy Association where she currently serves on the board of directors. Maria authored the first qualifying standards for registration of expressive arts consultant/educators and currently sits on the review committee for expressive arts consultant/educator applicants.


Maria was a core faculty member of the Person-Centered Expressive Therapy Institute for 15 years where she worked closely with its founder, Natalie Rogers. She sees the Person-Centered approach as a formula for compassion and long-term healing. She is an international facilitator and has taught in Hong Kong, Guatemala and Argentina. Since the start of Covid, she has offered Zoom programs focused on resilience for Beijing-China, Japan and Hong Kong. A 35-year relationship with indigenous shamans from Mexico has influenced Maria’s personal commitment to the arts as a spiritual pathway and has inspired her to bridge theoretical approaches with spiritual concepts. She currently teaches Mixed Media Intuitive Arts at a community college and enjoys mentoring individuals seeking to define a personally meaningful direction in the field of expressive arts.


Sooji Jung

Picture 1.jpg

EXAT, MA (Holistic Healing), Meditation Teacher, Composer/Pianist

Guest Trainer

Sooji Jung has been practicing Music therapy, Expressive arts, EFT, NLP, Taoist style yoga and meditation and various healing modalities including ‘psolodrama (a type of drama therapy)’, for more than 20 years. She received her MA in Integrative Holistic Health at Lesley University in Boston, USA and received CAGS in Expressive Arts at European Graduate School, Switzerland. She managed her yoga and meditation center in Boston for 8 years while incorporating techniques from the EXA and improvised piano music. Currently, she runs “Studio Of Urban Meditation” in Seoul, Korea and teaches meditation in various public settings. She is the author of a self-help book “I Let Myself Heal (2014)”. She released two piano solo albums "Life (2016)“ and “Hope (2019)” and 5 singles. She also has been playing and improvising on the piano for her whole life and frequently holds special concerts combining meditation and piano music at various venues including galleries, museums, corporates and retreat centers in Korea.


Aleck Man-kit Kwong



Guest Trainer and Supervisor

Mr Aleck Kwong is a Registered Expressive Arts Therapist (REAT) and an Austin Vocal Psychotherapist (AVPT). He graduated with distinction from the Master of Expressive Arts Therapy program at the University of Hong Kong and was awarded the Madam Lo Ng Kiu Ying Anita Memorial Prize.


Aleck mainly works with students with special educational needs, people with emotional distress, ethnic minorities, the developmentally delayed, LGB individuals, and people living with HIV. Building on his former work experience in an investment bank and other financial institutions, he also conducts stress management and team building programs for corporations. He has been constantly invited to be guest speaker at various universities and is currently an adjunct instructor at the Sofia University. He also actively publishes academic journal articles and presents in international conferences. He is a current board member and a Rising Star awardee of the International Expressive Arts Therapy Association (IEATA).


Ava Ka-man Lam



Guest Trainer and Supervisor 

Ms Ava Lam has had extensive experience in consultation, psychotherapy, crisis intervention, group intervention, and developing and delivering a range of clinical trainings to corporate groups.She has specialized in the areas of planning for retirement life, resilience at work, elderly caregiving, stress management, mental health, work-life balance, bereavement and grief, trauma, mental health, parenting and family therapy.


Ava believes in the Person-centred Approach and incorporates expressive arts in her clinical work to tailor client’s need. Throughout her career in the public sector and in the private sector, Ava has managed clients with a variety of complex psychiatric issues as well as corporate clients who are experiencing a range of stress disorders in her experience as an Employment Assistance Program clinician and in her role as an in-house wellness consultant for an MNC.


She holds a master degree of social work, and a bachelor degree double majoring in Psychology, and American Studies from the University of Hong Kong. She has also received intensive trainings in Expressive Arts Therapy as well as trauma-informed Somatic Experiencing Therapy. She loves travelling and water sports, in summer it’s easy to see her at the beach with her two young daughters. She is a very curious individual and passionate in learning, currently she’s learning to play drum.


Moo Chi Wai


M. Soc. Sc., MAPP, REAT, RSW


Mr Moo is a registered expressive art therapist and a social worker. Over the past few years, he spent a lot of time in deepening and strengthening his practices in expressive arts with numerous individuals and in group settings.  He has a holistic perspective to human needs and serves clients ranging from children with SEN to adults with traumatic experiences, grief, and elders.  He is also providing various training programs in Hong Kong and mainland China.


Ng Pui-wah Meko


M. Soc. Sc., REAT, RSW

Guest Trainer & Supervisor (2021-2022)

Ms Meko Ng completed the three-year training program in expressive arts therapy, the person-centered approach at The University of Hong Kong. She is a registered social worker, and a registered expressive arts therapist (IEATA). She is the assistant supervisor of a crisis intervention centre for survivors of sexual violence, domestic violence and elder abuse. Meko is also a teaching assistant at the Department of Social Work of the Chinese University of Hong Kong. She has been working with people with trauma and mental health challenge for over 12 years. She was the former co-chair of the Expressive Arts Therapy Association of Hong Kong and the former IEATA Regional Coordinator. She conducts professional trainings for both local and overseas organizations.


Tse Man-yu Pearl


MSocSc(B.H), BA, EXA Practitioner

Guest Trainer

Pearl Tse is an Expressive Arts Therapy practitioner since 2014 after her completion of the 3-Year Training program in Expressive Arts Therapy: The Person-Centered Approach at the Centre on Behavioral Health, HKU where Pearl has got her MSocSc in Behavioral Health in 2009. Pearl Tse also holds a BPhil(Ed) degree in Special Education (Newcastle University, UK). Pearl Tse is a certified DanceAbility®️ teacher trained in Finland in 2015 and certified as Somatic Experiencing®️ Practitioner (SEP) in March 2017 by Somatic Experiencing®️ Trauma Institute.

Since 2012 and Pearl Tse has been practicing somatic based expressive arts therapy with clients with various emotional and mental concerns in individual counselling settings as well as in therapeutic groups in cooperation with various NGOs in Hong Kong. 

Pearl Tse has been using her own approach named Somatic Arts Exploration since 2014 offering workshops or groups of various clients including children, adolescents and adults aiming at self-growth, stress reduction, emotions management, life-and-death exploration and well-being enhancement etc. Pearl Tse has also been invited by different NGOs doing staff training or retreat program on the use of expressive arts.

In 2005, Pearl Tse has founded the NGO Togetherness providing life-and-death community education and end-of-life care support services to both patients and their families. Pearl Tse has pioneered in using expressive arts process in doing life-and-death exploration workshop in the community named From Death To Life(出死入生工作坊)since 2009.


Antonio N. Wong

Antonio N. Wong.jpeg

MA, MSocSc, AThR, CCoun,  REAT

Guest Trainer

Mr Antonio Wong currently works as a part-time lecturer at the Chinese University of Hong Kong and the Hong Kong Arts School. Besides, he is also a freelance counselor/ expressive arts therapist at the United Centre of Emotional Health & Positive Living.
As a registered art therapist and counselor, Antonio works with a diverse range of clients including adolescents and adults with mood disorders, SEN students, disabled, LGBT group and sex workers, etc.  
As an artist, Antonio participated in a number of local and overseas exhibitions, including "Be Natural" Ceramic Art Exhibition by Artists from Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau, "20 Years of the Artist in Residence" exhibition in Shigaraki of Japan, Tea Ware by Hong Kong Potters and Colour & Clay in Singapore. He also attended as a resident artist at the Shigaraki Ceramic Cultural Park in Japan.


Wen Yuan

Wen Yuen.jpg


Guest Trainer

Wen Yuan is a licensed school counsellor and intermodal expressive arts Therapy facilitator. She completed the Master and CAGS programs at European Graduate School, Switzerland. 
She is the founder and Director of Poiesis, the Expressive Arts center in Taipei. She works as an expressive arts facilitator at universities, high schools, offering workshops, training and supervision to the community of school counsellors and art therapy graduate students. She is also an active professional member of Taiwan Society of Analytical psychology.

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